Develop web application in WebDAO

The WebDAO Developers Guide

Aliaksandr Zahatski

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Издание v0.2Jul 26th 2009zag
Издание v0.1Feb 24th 2009zag
Initial document


A guide to develop web application using WebDAO. Includes a overview of setup process, including sample code and reference material.


1. WebDAO - platform for web applications.
Key Features
Abstraction application code from the environment
Dynamic structure of the domain logic
Addressing objects by URL
Built-in support session parameters
2. Install Webdao
3. Configuring Webdao
Configuring Web server
Setup standalone FastCGI
nginx ( standalone FastCGI)
apache (static + standalone FastCGI)
lighttpd (standalone FastCGI)
Work in cgi mode
apache ( CGI )
Use from command line

Список таблиц

3.1. Configuration parameters
3.2. Baseline data