Глава 3. Configuring Webdao


Configuring Web server
Setup standalone FastCGI
nginx ( standalone FastCGI)
apache (static + standalone FastCGI)
lighttpd (standalone FastCGI)
Work in cgi mode
apache ( CGI )
Use from command line

Configuration is done via environment variables. The following variables is using:

Таблица 3.1. Configuration parameters

wdIndexFile" index.html - name of the file to be processed upon request. Possible values : absolute path or relative to DOCUMENT_ROOT. Default: $ENV{DOCUMENT_ROOT}/index.xhtml "index.html
wdEngine" name of the package core module. This module serves all requests coming to /. Default: WebDAO::Engine "ShowPrice
wdEnginePar" initialization parameters when creating the main module. Value a string containing the pairs key=value. Pairs are semicolon separated (;). Default: undef "config=/home/zag/showprice.ini
wdSessionName the package module, which serves a sessional. This module is used to identify a web session. Default: WebDAO::SessionWebDAO::Sessionco
wdStore" the name of the module, providing storage of a user session parameters. Defalut: WebDAO::Store::Abstract"WebDAO::Store::Storable
wdStoreParinitialization parameters for session storage module. default: undefpath=/home/zag/tmp

For server lighttpd uses names respectively: WD_INDEXFILE, WD_ENGINE, WD_ENGINE_PAR, WD_SESSION, WD_STORE, WD_STORE_PAR, WD_DEBUG.